My Daily look in London

First of all, I have to mention that I both lived in Seoul, South Korea and Bangkok, Thailand before – all for whole of my life.

Now I am staying in London as a fashion styling student.

The most new thing I have learned in London is ‘unpredictable crazy weather’. Almost rainy everyday but someday, surprisingly – sunny and warm.

It’s now May but weather in London is still chilly and windy!

Luckily and unpredictably it became more sunny. But you never know when will it rains or cold again.

So my daily looks will usually be ‘layering style. But today it’s not cold and sunny. So I chosed to wear less layering. And of course, it’s spring – I would love to wear bright tone color !


And if when it’s warm I just take the vest off.


And the point of today’s look is my navy blue shoes with really nice gold heels.



Wish everyday’s weather would be as nice as today’s !





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