Summer is here!!

I must confess there are many things happened to me during my past week. New changes and new beginings!

Now I moved out to stay in a new place. Cheers! My new adventure is here !

Plus the weather is amazing lately “summery spring”. I have to say I begin to like it here (in London) more and more. Probably I have more time on my own and I’m doing what I really want and like !! 🙂

I can enjoy going out to the park and play catch with friends. Also it’s not freezing anymore so I have good times wandering around London, seeing new things under the bright sky which is my favorite.

And today .. Sunday …I can smell SUMMER !!


Even I’m not a big fan of a hot sunny day, I feel like it’s kinda fun to wear clothes in Summer.

Today I chosed to wear a mini causal day dress with sleeveless black vest. I don’t usually wear skirts or dresses indeed. But it’s a new try today and I like it. (at least it feels very comfortable and chill)


It’s sunny sunday. And I know the most important thing is sunglasses ! hehe.

13184560_10154200498869083_1306635279_o  13161413_10154200499934083_200417545_o

They said when one chapter ends another begins. Now I can feel a new exciting chapter of my diary , “the Diary of Jenn”.


I’m so happy lately because I can be myself and enjoy my life without caring any useless things.

So thanks God and thank you every moment in my life!






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