Sexy (with) Black

Hey guys!!!!

long time no updating hehe

Today topic is ‘Black’ … as you can see I have loadss and loads of pictures in Black outfits.

I enjoy wearing black cause I think it’s easy to wear but how to wear it and make you look good is the thing you have to deal with Black!


first look is when London is freezing can warm me up and there are many tones of black so I chosed to wear it layering.


second looks are black coat when you’re out… of course you need sth to make it splendid , not boring … I always choose the lipsticks color : nude and deep red are nice.



this look for ‘party animals’ hey if you want it black for party must be something ‘sexy and WOW’

this dress might be booby but I love it cause it give me confident.



see through black dress is another choice for summer date. 😛 for girls who’s looking something sexy but cozy black lace mini dress can be good choice.

So black can turn mourn into one of the Muses if you style it nice! ;P


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