Go simple Go Basic with White!

Hello beautiful people

here is my new post!!! I’m gonna talk about my white color of my outfits that have a lot!

To be honest..I believe most of people have tons of white clothes in their wardrobe ! cause it’s a basic color and it’s very basic & simple …you can wear white with any color or even all white. And I have some looks of me that I wear white mix & match with different pieces!

my first look is super cute simple white T-shirt with a white skirt!!


the T-shirt looks so simple so I wear it with an A line mini skirt with see through layer.

Plus my hair style with head band and I picked a small bag … Thai traditional style bag.

My second look is chic shoulder white top!



I wear it with blue bootcut trouser


and I love it with my mirror sunglasses.

it’s quite simple and easy and I love this look too. you don’t have to wear ‘a lot’


My next look is all is white in Summer…


but the point of this look is deep V line blouse with lace piece underwear!



And I just wear them with white shorts 🙂


And ..when we talk about white outfits ! the most classic white piece is WHITE T-SHIRT that can make girl looks ..sexy, chic, stylish or whatever ..depends on how we wear it

I usually wear them with short jeans cause it’s easy and nice


But !! if you can see Kendall wore black lace lingerie top on her croptop!

Screen Shot 2016-08-04 at 2.03.51 AM

it was nice and I got an inspiration!


I mean I might not look good like she does ..but it was a nice try !! lol

I prefer it with simple black shorts! of course jeans would be nice too!



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